Cerave healing ointment
Recovering balm for cracked, chafed & extremely dry skin
Fractured, chafed or extremely completely dry skin needs special treatment, and also a healing lotion or balm that assists moisten and relieve the skin can aid you obtain the alleviation you need. A balm created with petrolatum, hyaluronic acid and ceramides supplies additional hydration and also helps brings back the skin's obstacle while helping to momentarily protect as well as relieve chafed, chapped or split skin. When choosing a balm to deal with endangered skin, try to find one like CeraVe Healing Lotion, which is free from lanolin as well as scent to avoid inflammation from these ingredients.

CeraVe Healing Lotion is developed to briefly secure, soothe as well as moisturize skin as it recuperates from fracturing, chafing and extreme dryness. It is lightweight yet intensely hydrating and includes 3 vital ceramides as well as hyaluronic acid in a moisturizing base. Our balm is likewise non-comedogenic, ideal for all skin kinds, and free of fragrance, dyes and lanolin to minimize the danger of irritability from these ingredients.

Created to temporarily shield, relieve as well as hydrate skin
Suitable for dry, split and also chafed skin
Fragrance-free and lanolin-free
Ceramides: Help restore and also maintain the skin's natural obstacle
Hyaluronic acid: Assists retain the skin's all-natural wetness
Non-comedogenic, preservative-free and also dye-free
Created with dermatologists
Accepted by the National Eczema Association
Kinds a protective layer to improve skin's all-natural dampness barrier function for approximately 8 hrs
Product aids secure dampness throughout the evening
Temporarily secures injured or revealed skin from exterior toxic irritants as well as develops a safety barrier that might aid accelerate skin's all-natural healing process and seals in dampness to assist recover dryness