Cicanuit Blond Absolu Serum for blonde hair - Kérastase

Kérastase Cicanuit is a serum that is designed to help with the hair care needs of those with dry and brittle hair. The serum has a unique formula that is made up of ingredients like keratin and hyaluronic acid.


These two ingredients work together to help hydrate the hair and make it more manageable. In addition, the serum also contains biotin, which helps to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage. Overall, the serum is designed to help improve the condition of dry and brittle hair.


There are a number of positive reviews for the serum, with many users reporting that it has helped to improve the condition of their hair. Some users have even said that it has helped to reduce their hair's frizziness and make it more manageable. If you are looking for a serum to help with your dry and brittle hair, then Kérastase Cicanuit may be worth considering.



What is?

The first leave-in night repair serum with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid that protects blonde hair subjected to bleaching.


What are its benefits?

The highest concentration of hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the fiber, helping hair to regain elasticity and strength. The combination of precious Edelweiss flowers protects from external damage, recovers and softens the fiber.


How is it used?
Always apply Cicanuit Serum before sleeping. Distribute the product from lengths to ends and make a loose braid or bun to protect the fiber and reduce frizz in the morning. It is recommended to use a silk cover on the pillow to reduce friction. Sleep and get the blonde hair of your dreams.


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