Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Lotion 10% Urea
is a deeply hydrating body cream for extremely completely dry, itchy, and also flaky skin. Rich in Ceramides, NMFs, and also Urea this lotion is specifically suitable for the daily treatment of exceptionally dry and also harsh skin. With powerful hydrating actives, it can not just deeply moisten the skin but additionally restore the skin's natural safety barrier. It helps stop even more moisture loss as well as likewise protects the skin from outside assailants. Maintaining the skin hydrated, this cream not just gives resilient hydration however additionally offers instant relief, comforting the skin. With a positive texture that is swiftly absorbed, it can deeply hydrate the skin and delay dryness as well as roughness for up to two days. Overall, it provides instant alleviation and resilient hydration leaving the skin smooth and also supple again.

Structure: lotion;
Skin problems: dry skin, rough skin, discomfort, itching, scaling, xerosis;
Time of application: whenever needed;
Age: 3+;.
Skin kind: completely dry to really dry skin, consisting of sensitive;.
Key benefits: supplies the skin with long-term hydration for approximately 2 days, supplies prompt relief and conveniences the skin, brings back the skin's all-natural safety obstacle to prevent more dampness loss, leaves the skin smooth and also flexible again, has a non-greasy structure that is rapidly soaked up;.
Created without: alcohol, scent, parabens.
Key Contents.
Ceramides assistance fix and also enhance the all-natural skin obstacle. They aid keep the skin hydrated as well as improve the defense versus external aggressors;.
All-natural Hydrating Variables (NMFs) can deeply hydrate the skin. They help bring back the skin's appropriate dampness levels as well as avoid skin dehydration;.
Urea can deeply hydrate the skin. It enhances its safety obstacle and also is necessary to regulate the degrees of dampness in the skin.
Just how to make use of.
Use Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Cream 10% Urea to clean as well as dry skin with a mild massage therapy. Use throughout the day as usually as required.