How to remove impurities, makeup and excess sebum?
Eucerin DermoPure Cleansing Gel 400ml is a cleansing gel that effectively and gently removes impurities, cosmetics, and also excess sebum. It is soap-free The skin of the face is tidy, fresh, as well as flexible, prepared for the following treatment. Non-comedogenic. Excellent skin tolerance. Ideal for prone skin to flaws and also delicate skin. Soap- and also fragrance-free, Eucerin DERMOPURE Cleansing Gel is a non-comedogenic everyday face laundry for imperfection- and also acne-prone skin. With 6% Ampho-Tensides, it cleanses skin carefully yet efficiently removing dirt, makeup, and also any type of excess sebum. The cleansing gel can be utilized together with clinical acne treatment as well as while pregnant

Professional and also dermatological research studies

Medical as well as skin-related research studies have actually verified outstanding skin tolerability as well as a light cleaning effect when made use of on acne- and also acne-prone skin.

Dealing with maskne: mask-induced imperfections

Maskne, or mascne as it's additionally known, is triggered by excessive warm, friction and/or stress to the locations of your face that come into contact with your mask, and subsequently cause acnes.

Eucerin's DERMOPURE array has actually been revealed to minimize acnes by 64%, making use of a skin care program consisting of Eucerin DERMOPURE Cleansing Gel, DERMOPURE Mattifying Fluid, and also DERMOPURE Skin Renewal Therapy.