Swelling, Heavyness, Tired Legs? Revitalize Your Body With Our Selection Of Body Serums

Tired legs, swelling, heaviness throughout the body and general fatigue after a long day of work, sports, pregnancy or simply due to poor circulation... Do these symptoms sound familiar to you?


The accumulation of liquids that is generated throughout the day due to poor circulation, because we have been standing for a long time or, on the contrary, we have remained seated for too many hours, can be the cause of these symptoms.


This accumulation of fluids, which can occur throughout the body and especially in the legs and ankles, is called edema. It is the effect of gravity that makes this swelling more noticeable in the calves and ankles. Another cause of the feeling of tired legs can be due to an alteration of the skin microcirculation, which is responsible for the thermal regulation of the skin and the supply of oxygen. This alteration in the microcirculation can also cause inflammatory reactions, varicose veins, cellulite...


But we have good news! Did you know that preventing and eliminating this swelling, improving microcirculation, treating varicose veins even before they appear, reducing inflammation and fat, as well as toning and sculpting the body is possible with natural cosmetics? How to prevent and eliminate leg swelling?


Reducing swelling and fluid retention throughout the body is possible by following a healthy diet, exercising daily and applying a revitalizing body serum to activate circulation and drain fluids. A body serum can be your ally in these situations because it reduces fluid retention, the feeling of heaviness and even reduces localized fat.


Revitalizing and reducing body serum What is a body serum and what is it for? A body serum, like a facial serum, is formulated in such a way that its plant-based active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin than a cream. The lighter texture than that of a cream makes it a fast-absorbing product that also acts on the deepest layers of the skin.


A body serum is used to provide smoothness, improve skin circulation, treating problems derived from poor circulation such as swelling, varicose veins, localized fat accumulation or fluid retention. If you already know all the benefits of a face serum, imagine what a body serum can do to the skin on your body.


Generally a body serum is suitable for all skin types and ages. So, whether you want to combat tired legs and body swelling after long hours of work sitting or standing, you are pregnant and feel bloated at the end of the day, or your problem arises after playing sports, the benefits of a revitalising and reducing body serum are ideal for you.


What makes the body serum so special? The body serum revitalizes the skin of the body, providing a sensation of relief from heaviness and swelling, activating circulation and draining accumulated fluids.


But this is not all, the Serums!: Stimulates blood circulation and treats varicose veins Improves microcirculation by 30% thanks to the active red algae and goldenrod. Revitalizing and reducing body serum Combats and prevents tired or swollen legs It is one of its main functions and also the sensation of freshness and relief is instantaneous thanks to its gel texture.


Provides a pleasant sensation of comfort ideal for when you are tired and just before going to sleep. Tones and is anti-inflammatory Get 23% more firmness in the skin and 9.4% more elasticity. Sculpts the body and reduces localized fat Thanks to an ultramarine active ingredient, this body serum reduces the contour of the abdomen, legs and arms.


If you add exercise to all this, the powerful effect of this serum can further increase this reduction. Reduces and prevents swelling and fluid retention Its ability to activate microcirculation promotes the drainage of accumulated liquids with the consequent reduction of swelling. Increases the softness and hydration of the skin Exfoliates dry or peeling skin Get 90% brighter skin thanks to the gentle exfoliation of Australian lime caviar in this natural body serum.



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